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Getting Here

Almost all parts of the world have direct or connecting flights to Maldives. Maldives has two International airports and various domestic airports with accessibility to all areas of the country.

Entry Requirements

  • A valid international travel document issued by a sovereign state’s government with a minimum of 6 months validity.
  • A valid return air ticket and necessary visas to final destination.
  • A minimum of USD 50 per person per day or confirmed hotel reservation voucher.
  • Maldives has FREE VISA for all the tourists for 30 days on arrival.

The Tropics

The Maldives is located in the zero degree equator of the world, thus providing you favorable weather throughout the year. Almost all days from August to May are sunny, while rain showers are experienced from June & July which is also considered as the low season with cheapest offers and deals to the destination.

Life & People

People of Maldives are friendly & mostly educated. The entire population follows Islam & follows a same unified tradition & culture. Most of the urban population follows modern styles of living wile rural areas still follows the traditional way of life. Maldivians speak with their own language of “Dhivehi”.

Travel Tips

  • Informal Dressing is enjoyed
  • Nudity or scanty clothing’s are offensive in public areas
  • Island Hopping to experience the Maldivian traditional lifestyle
  • Malé Excursions gives you a good dose of knowledge about History & Culture
  • Enjoy a castaway experience by visiting an uninhabited island or sandbank


Maldives is very well connected by the latest network connectivity offered by the Dhiraagu (local and state owned) & Ooredoo (Qatari owned international company). 3G/4G connectivity is available through out the country with FREE WIFI provided by almost every hotel, resort in the Maldives. International roaming is available by the both service providers in the country.
Data SIM cards are available on the arrival area in the airport. International dialling code of Maldives is +960 or 00960.