How to prepare your family for a Maldivian Getaway

  • October 6, 2017

A trip to the Maldives with your whole family can be a ton of fun and can be a great chance for everyone to bond. Of course, you want your family, especially your kids to be exposed to the beauty of the world.

However, a poorly planned trip, though, can turn into a nightmare. Instead of relaxation, you can experience stress and anxiety when everything goes downhill.

Planning a trip with the whole family is a whole different thing when you plan for a solo getaway, or a honeymoon trip for two, especially if you are traveling with kids. They will be needing more things for their safety and convenience, so better start planning  meticulously if you want your family—and of course you to enjoy the trip.

Here are some tips to follow to make sure that it will be a fun day at the beach!

Planning Stage:

A beach trip with the family is obviously different to the time when all you need to pack was a sunscreen and the hardest decision is which swimsuit to wear. Planning a beach trip, especially with your kids requires more attention to detail and encourages more research.

  1. Search for the kid-friendly resorts or hotels.
  2. List down safe, yet exciting activities for your kids. (You definitely want to stay away from shark encounters)
  3. Make an itinerary and let your kids know at least the overview.
  4. Understand the regulations and extra charges for kids in airlines, resorts, etc. Different airlines have different rules. Some charge for one thing; while with another it’s free.

Packing for the trip:

Packing for a trip

The majority of people dread packing—especially if it involves packing for children. But, with the right strategizing, planning and timing, it’s just easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Create a table which has each member of your family and the activities you will do (based on your itinerary.
  2. In the table, list down the things. each person will be needed.
  3. At the same time, create a list of the general things everybody will be needing (passports, tickets, plastic bags for wet clothes, etc.)
  4. Sunscreen should be number one on your list of important things not to forget.
  5. Pack each child their own plane bag, which would carry their spare clothes, jackets when they get cold, medicine, vitamins, toys and snacks.

What should you pack?


  1. Generally, beach trips call for airy and light clothing.
  2. Your kids’ beach attire should be protective: Protective clothing not only cuts down on how much sunscreen you need to lather all over your tot’s skin but it can also protect the skin from irritation from the other elements at the beach (sand, boogie boards, etc.)

Beach toys and floaties:

Beach Toys

  1. Your kids will not probably spend the whole day swimming, so it is important to bring toys they can use on the sand to create sandcastles and the like.
  2. You can also bring in some inflatable pool if your young ones are too scared to jump into the open water.
  3. When swimming at the beach, take extra precaution and bring floaties and life vests.

Grooming and Hygiene kits:
Grooming and Hygienes Kit

  1. Even if toiletries are provided in the resort or hotel, it would still be best if you bring your own, especially when your kids want what they are used to.
  2. Include baby powder because it is very helpful in removing sand from their skin.

Medicine Kits:
Medicine Kit

  1. Include meds for motion sickness, colds, and flu.
  2. You can also put their daily vitamins in the medical kit.

Sand-free beach bags:

It will save you tons of energy and time when you opt to bring sand repellent bags instead of the normal beach bags you bring before.

Insect Repellents:

  1. The Maldives is a tropical country, which means mosquitoes, as well as other insects, can be everywhere.
  2. Just to be safe, bring ointments that soothe insect bites.

Preparing for the airplane ride:

Most probably, you will be riding a plane for your trip to The Maldives. If your kids are big enough or are used to plane rides, then it will be a just breeze. On the other hand, smaller children will tend to be scared or bored in flight.

  1. Check in early.
  2. Bring toys or gadgets that can entertain them on the ride such as games, movies or any mind-boggling app that they can focus on.
  3. Take their favorite pillow with them.
  4. Give them some sweets when landing. Some kids’ ears are very sensitive to the pressure and the sweets will require them to swallow.
  5. Have jackets or spare clothes handy in your carry bag

Be early:

Even if you’ll be spending the day on walking tours or at the beach, it is important to start early, when your kids have the most energy. Also, this way you can finish early and get back to your room and rest.

Being the first ones on the beach can also be a great experience—having the shore to yourselves.

Stay on schedule:

To ensure that you make the most out of your trip and still get adequate rest, make sure that you follow your schedule as planned.

Provide Nametags:

It doesn’t need to be showing an ID all the time. Attach the tag containing your contact information to their bags or to their sides, just in case of emergency.

Establish a no-touch, no-go zone:

The beach is an open space that has a lot of unforeseen and uncontrollable things and factors. Make sure you talk to your kids about this and explain why they are no touch and no go zones.

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