How to spend your 36 hours in Maldives

  • July 18, 2017

Who says you don’t have the time to visit and spent their vacation in Maldives? You can always spare one weekend to enjoy the water, sand, wind and overall experience you can get in the Maldivian Paradise. 36 hours maybe quite a short time to enjoy a full length, but, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it and have fun.

Yes, there may be a lot of things to see, do and explore in Maldives but, trust us, a two-day travel to it is worth it. At least, there’s more to see when you come back the next time, right?

Well, you need to know the basic information first:


The main mode of transport in Maldives is through boats, diesel engine-powered boats called “Dhoni” For longer trips, there are large size boats called Vedis. These days, the tourist resort islands also provide their own boats for carrying their clients. The speedboats can also be hired for personal use.

At the same time, seaplanes and helicopters are also used when tourists wish to go to the remote islands. The Maldives Island has its own national airline that flies on a regular basis and takes the passengers to the four airstrips in the outer atolls.

Meanwhile, motorcycles and taxis are also popular, especially in the Capital, Male, and the inland tourist destinations in the country.


There are four international and six domestic airports in the Maldives: Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, Gan International Airport, Hanimaadhoo International Airport and Villa International Airport.

The official tourism website of Maldives provide more information about the airports, and which one you shall be landing on.

Be inspired by this sample itinerary to squeeze in one weekend to finally fulfill your dream to spend time in real life’s paradise! This itinerary is arranged by the activities you can do on the island since most of them are found in settled in different regions.

Let’s say your plane arrives at Maldives by Saturday morning:

Day One – Land and Sea

6AM: First things first: Go to the Male Market to shop for the stuff you’ll be needing; like drinking water, snacks, and toiletries.

7AM: Since it’s just a four-minute walk, use the opportunity to marvel the Grand Friday Mosque, The Republic Square, Sultan Park and the National Art Gallery. All of these tourist destinations are just walking distance from each other.

9AM: Check in

Check into one of the resorts that offer a lot of water activities to choose from. To start off your fun-filled trip, try out the watersports in Maldives. Maldives offers plenty of exciting and fantastic water sports which would awaken the adventure spirit within you. Its the best way to start off especially when you are with your kids.

If you are on vacation alone, or with your loved one, try out surfing in the North Male atoll where surfers get pretty easy breaks and love the beauty of the rushing waves.

You might want to try out Parasailing or windsurfing in Male if you are more of a wind person. Spend your lunch by the beach under the umbrella stands offered by the resorts.

4PM: Go for a cruise by the sea and visit the exquisite beauty of the archipelago and experience the gorgeous beauty of the coral reef.

6PM: Finally, end your day by an exotic experience of night fishing by the sea. This is highly recommended especially for children.

8PM: For those who visited the country for their famous massage and spa treatments, this is the time to enjoy their services, right before you sleep.

Day 2: Discover the Marine Life or Go Island Hopping

Start the second day early with the agenda of visiting the magnificent marine life of the Indian Ocean, and closely seeing the more extrinsic water species. Do some snorkeling and scuba diving and get to know the best part about Maldives.

Another option is doing day tours into different islands in Maldives. You can swim for a while, take pictures and create memories in paradise with your family or loved ones.

Try out the following locations for an amazing experience:

Banana Reef
Located on the southeastern side of North Atoll, Banana Reef is an amazing dive site and has the most fantastic marine life. So do go to this banana-looking place and visit the exquisite beauty of the sea.

The underwater view of Banana Reef

Maldives Victory
For a stunning experience, go for the Maldives victory dive and be astounded by the beauty of turtles and corals co-existing in this magnificent dive site.

Maldives Victory Inside

Whale Submarine
Go for the Whale Submarine tour and you may get to see the whale sharks.

View inside the Whale Submarine

Hulhumale Island
A reclaimed patch of land that is fast becoming a concrete jungle is currently like a countryside for Male. A clean beach and a few nice restaurants and cafes line this island which makes for a quick and relaxing getaway.

Panoramic view of Hulhule Island

Maafushi Island
Maafushi is one of the most developed islands in Maldives. It houses at least 30 guesthouses, the most in all of the Maldivian islands to date. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, the locals are used to tourists, and there are many souvenir shops.

Maafushi Island

4PM: Shop for souvenirs
Shop for handicrafts at the resorts or souvenir shops at the airport, as a little trinket and reminder of all the beautiful memories you have created last weekend.

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