What to pack for a Maldives Trip? What’s in our suitcase!

  • August 4, 2017

What to pack when going to the Maldives

You are going to Maldives! Can you wait for a sunny day at the beach, with the fine sand on your skin and the breeze coming from the sea? We know you no longer can’t. But, first things first: what should you pack?

You may think that all you’ll need to pack for a holiday to the Maldives would be your swimsuit and your suntan lotion—but Maldives is not all about the beach. There are a few extras you’ll definitely want to squeeze into your case!

Know the seaplane weight allowance.

Before you start packing, it is important that you know how much weight you can bring in with you when you board the seaplanes around the Maldives. The maximum weight allowance for the seaplanes in Maldives allows only up to 20kg, while wheeled aircraft allocate 25kg allowance per passenger.

Be careful because you might be asked to pay extra fees if your bags and suitcases weigh over.

Consider your itinerary.

Are you just going to spend your holiday on the beach? Or are you going to roam around the capital city too? Should you bring some snorkeling set? Or a wetsuit?

Doing some prior research about the activities you will do and the places you will visit is a must, especially if some resorts are implementing a strict attendance to required clothing per activity.

Lightweight clothes are your best friends.

The Maldives enjoy a sunny climate for the better part of a year. Hence, locals and visitors alike prefer to dress in lightweight clothes. Most visitors prefer to wear T-shirts, cotton clothing, skirts, and shorts.

Dress conservatively.

Wear Light Wear Clothes

Since the Maldivians strictly observe the religion of Islam, it is suggested that you dress conservatively when visiting the inhabited islands, marketplaces, and airports. You can wear all the summer clothes that you want when you’re at the beach, sure. But when you are in the residential areas, make sure to show some respect and follow their ideals. You’re a visitor, always remember that.

Make sure you pack a large scarf that can be worn over your shoulders. Also pack at least one pair of loose, light trousers or a long skirt or dress.

Ditch the skimpy swimwear.

Though it might be tempting to dressing up to impress, especially with the beauty of the beaches of the Maldives, it would be better to bring swimsuits that would do its purpose of not slipping away while you swim.

Sure, sexy little bikinis would look nice while strolling along the beaches and in photos. But with the numerous water activities you can do in the islands like snorkeling, scuba diving and a lot of swimming, do you really want to worry about your swimsuit coming off all the time?

Bring and wear at least one reliable swimwear such as rash guards and one-piece swimsuits instead.

Leave the shoes at home.

Leave the shoes at home

Even the locals of Maldives prefer slippers over shoes, what more if you’re going to spend your days on the beaches? Wearing rubber sandals are the best since its wearable on the shore and still presentable looking when travelling in the city.

What to wear in the evenings?

What to wear in Evenings

Each resort will be different, but, on the whole, laid-back luxury is the vibe most resorts go for. Ladies are lucky and can get away with almost anything—from cocktail dresses to maxi dresses, even shorts. But for guys, they often need to wear a collar and will sometimes need full-length trousers

Screen the sun and the insects.

Wear Suncreen

Since the Maldives is the sunny side of life, protect your skin by bringing a lot of sunscreens you can use while on the beach or swimming.

Also, make sure to pack insect repellent lotions that will keep insects away. Maldives is a tropical country, there are many insects. Resorts fumigate every now and then, but there’s nothing wrong in just making sure.

Capture the underwater action.

The marine life beneath the beaches of the Maldives is one of the best in the world. From colorful fishes, manta rays, dolphins and sharks—you will see a lot of sea creatures and underwater ecosystem.

Bring some underwater camera that would capture your experiences! It will make you want to go back to Maldives every time you review the pictures.

Get some shade.

Bring Sunglass, Hat and Slippers

Bring any hat or cap, as well as sunglasses to protect you from direct heat when travelling the islands or through the city.

Bring the dry bag.

Bring Dry Bag in Maldives

If you’re taking lots of boat trips and particularly if you’ll be scuba diving, a dry bag is really handy. You can keep all of your valuables and clothing safe and dry and not worry about them getting wet on the boat or during rainstorms.

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